SurveyMonkey has launched a brand new mobile-first Folks Powered Knowledge™ platform and, on the identical time, is repositioning and refreshing the model to “Energy the Curious.” The transfer comes 18 months into the tenure of CEO Zander Lurie, who took over after the premature loss of life of former CEO David Goldberg.

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Commenting on the refresh, which features a new emblem and website design, Orit Peleg, Head of Model Planning at Eleven explains: “Once we had been going by the branding train with SurveyMonkey, we found that curiosity is taken into account an essential type of forex for the long run. Equally to IQ and EQ there’s a Curiosity Quotient that firms ought to be tapping into. We leveraged this studying when growing and expressing the brand new SurveyMonkey “Energy the Curious” mission to assist convey the corporate into the long run. From there we made certain that the identical sense of inquisitive vitality was mirrored in the entire new visible id design components.”


Matt Wakeman, Artistic Director on the company elaborates: “For the emblem refresh, it was determined early on that the monkey ought to be revered … We cleaned up and optimized the emblem for a mobile-first digital world by making certain it may thrive at small sizes. It was made symmetrical. The tuft of hair on prime of the monkey’s head was redrafted and enlarged to make it learn higher each as hair and secondarily as a checkmark … We opened up the holes within the ears to not fill in when rendering at decrease display screen resolutions. We additionally raised the ears barely to really feel extra engaged and curious. The typography was simplified and customised, with approachability, legibility and longevity in thoughts. The colour palette was expanded and rejuvenated to a brighter, more energizing inexperienced, with vibrant supporting colours, extra expressive of the outcomes of curiosity: creativity and innovation.”


“By way of the broader visual identity, we requested ourselves what does curiosity feel and look like? How can or not it’s captured and dropped at life? How can we prod individuals to ask deeper questions, to ask why, how, what if? The tradition at SurveyMonkey is each sensible and analytical, whereas additionally playful and intelligent. This persona, represented by the monkey, is captured in vibrant images of The Curious, intriguing objects, and dynamic secondary infographics that spotlight surprising statistics and findings, to spark intrigue and exploration …”


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