trigger me is a tool designed for creatives looking for fresh ideas every day. It offers three easy ways to stimulate your creativity as well as satisfy your appetite for new ideas. It is easy to use, and it works. Quickly. Over and over.

This app stems directly from the brain of Mario Pricken, author of the international bestseller Creative Advertising and one of the best known creativity coaches in Europe. His practical work, countless workshops and projects with top creative minds in advertising, marketing, media, and design have contributed to the development of this app. Pricken included his three favorite methods in trigger me, all of which enable you to find new and creative solutions to your problems.

1) “Kickstart questions”: trigger me offers a hundred questions encouraging you to stray from your usual path and explore new ways of thinking. This is how the top creative minds in advertising, marketing, design and art work in order to find great new ideas.

2) “Mind jumble: Words”: the app presents you with unusual words and word combinations, thus stimulating you to break the rules in creative and smart ways. That’s the way to come up with fresh ideas.

3) “Mind jumble: Pictures” shields you from ideas people have had a thousand times. It seduces you into deviating from the norm. You’ll connect things in a new manner, opening yourself up to exciting new solutions.

Also, there are 50 minutes of video included that turn the app into an entertaining workshop on creativity. Mario Pricken himself not only explains his own methods, he also talks about how you can introduce them into your everyday creative life.

Trigger me also provides 50 “quick inspirations” if you need a quick shove in the right direction. They are as provocative as they are inspiring, showing you a direct way out of your old patterns of thought.

An exhibition introduces you to 100 outstanding creative projects from advertising, marketing, design, and art. They illustrate the ways creative people think, and make the patterns transparent that lie behind their ideas.

In order to make trigger me as fresh and inspiring as it was on day one, the makers of the app plan to continuously expand the catalogue of creative work by festival winners from advertising, marketing, design, and art. Mind Jumble Words and Mind Jumble Pictures will be augmented with new material from time to time too.

We negotiated a 72 hour free download with Mario for Ads of the World readers, so you can check out the app yourself, and see if it helps with your work. Click the icon to download it from the iOS App Store.

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